Containers For Change

At North Cottesloe Primary, we believe in a strong Sustainability focus. This includes our 'Waste Free Wednesday' initiative and now, our Containers for Change program. We encourage all parents to bring in their 10c containers to donate to our bins on site. When full, these bins are collected and funds contributed to a good cause.

August 2022 - March 2023, the North Cott community contributed to the Cottesloe Coastcare Containers for Change fund. The collection saw the school donate 2823 containers over that period of time, contributing a little under $200 to the cause.

From the end of March, we will revert to donating to the school, with funds directed to our Year 6 Camp fundraising annually.

Thank you to the North Cott community for their donations so far! We look forward to gathering further funds for our future projects. You can use the school bin collection or you can donate directly to your local Containers For Change depot and use our scheme number in the picture on this page.