Performing Arts

North Cottesloe has an excellent Classroom Music program, featuring a unique application of Kodály, Orff and Dalcroze concepts of Music Education. Of particular note is the Department of Education Instrumental Music School Services program (IMSS) which provides enriched, instrumental instruction for students. At North Cottesloe Primary School, the IMSS program provides extension learning opportunities for selected students in Years 5 and 6, and is aimed at those students who demonstrate an interest and enthusiasm for music and are prepared to commit to the ongoing lessons and extra-curricular activities.  The program is based on research which clearly identifies the benefits of instrumental music instruction.  The program extends students' knowledge, understanding and skills, and assists in the development of a range of personal and social outcomes.  Students receive a 30-minute lesson in small groups on a weekly basis.

The Classroom Music program is part of a continuous learning experience from Pre-Primary through to Year 6.  Students are immersed in playful experiences of music learning in the early years and gradually progress through the sequential, developmental, cumulative and continuous program.  The North Cottesloe Music program involves performing music through singing, playing and moving, reading and writing music, creating music, aurally and visually analysing music.  In every class, students are engaged in a number of sequential, developmental activities, each with a musical goal such as developing music literacy, building confidence when performing, increasing knowledge of music history and theory, analysing music and composing and improvising.  Through these learning experiences, students will be given opportunities to explore, question, experiment, play and engage in personal development and social cohesion.  Singing is the foundation of the program which leads to a highly developed musical ear.  Students from Pre-Primary to Year 6 have one 60 minute classroom music lesson each week.

North Cottesloe also offers a variety of ensembles such as choirs and instrumental ensembles for students to participate in on a weekly basis. The ensembles provide performance opportunities for students at key events within the school and throughout the local community.

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