Nourish Year Group of the Month

North Cottesloe Primary School is very excited to support the organization - Homeless We Care (HWC), by providing meals to distribute to homeless individuals in the Perth CBD. North Cottesloe Primary School – has been supporting HWC since 2018. This support is coordinated through the help of the P&C parent group – Nourish.

Each month a cohort will be Nourish Year Group of the Month. During that month, the kids will be educated on homelessness, create care packs to be distributed, prepare food at home with their families and parents will be able to serve food. Service dates are held on the second Tuesday of most months. 

What does it involve for me as a teacher and my class?

  • A 10-minute education on homelessness by Nourish/or teacher – a power point presentation will be provided.
  • Encourage students to get involved in preparing food with their families at home.  
  • Support care pack/dignity pack making. Students bring donations from home and prepare the care pack. This year we will aim to put these care packs together during lunch.
  • Take lots of photos of your class/year group throughout the process and send the photos to Doadie – email below. 
  • Optional involvement in service of the meals in Perth CBD – for teachers and parents only.
  • After the service we will share photos of the class/family participation and service with the students to demonstrate how their acts of kindness helped others.  

This program provides valuable assistance to those less fortunate, educates students in community service as well as promotes compassion in the school community.  If you have any questions about our initiative or would like to be more involved, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Camilla Rea –

Doadie Bailey -

Lauren Kelley -

Sonja Heath -

Service Date

Year Group & Class

14th March  

YR 3 – Room 4 and 5

9th May

YR 4 – Room 11

13th June

YR 5 – Room 15

8th August

YR 6 and Yr 5/6 - Room 13 and 14

12th September


10th October

PP – EC 1 and EC 2

14th November

YR1 – Room 8, 9 and 10

12th December

YR2 – Room 6 and 7

Christmas Meal

Christmas hams and gifts