Quality Teaching at North Cott

At North Cottesloe Primary School, our staff are committed to delivering high quality and impactful teaching and learning programs. By embedding Shaping Minds as our whole school instructional model, we are able to support all of our students, to achieve success in all learning areas. In every class at North Cottesloe, you will see the use of Engagement Norms and TAPPLE to deliver high quality teaching and learning. This evidence-based, high impact teaching is proven to improve student learning outcomes and engagement.


A very important tool in teachers delivering quality programs is the use of whiteboards. In every class you visit, you will see students utilising their whiteboards to assist in their learning. Quality teaching involves students demonstrating their understanding throughout lessons, and with active use of whiteboards, students are able to do this, and teachers can monitor achievement and understanding.


Another part of our quality teaching involves the use of non volunteers, holding students accountable for their learning and participation. We also utilise partnerships within our classes, with pair shares a highly important engagement norm, giving all students opportunities to share, learn from their peers and participate actively in all lessons.


Non interruption time is from 8.55 to 12.25 every day. Our teachers ensure that within our non interruption time, the focus is on Literacy and Numeracy, with the exception of specialist classes. We believe in the importance of quality Literacy and Numeracy teaching and therefore, our school ensures that students are not interrupted during these times so teachers can focus on providing quality teaching and learning programs.