Welcome to North Cottesloe Primary School

North Cottesloe Primary School is a public school located in the well established, coastal metropolitan suburb of Cottesloe, within walking distance of the Indian Ocean and the Swan River. Established in 1913, the school has grown and developed over time to become a leading public school with modern facilities and innovative programs.

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BOS 2023


Inspiring a passion for learning

North Cottesloe Primary School is committed to providing opportunities and experiences that support students to aspire to excellence in all their endeavours.

Students are supported to become life-long learners who are valued members of our community.


Our School Values

We aim to provide all students with ongoing opportunities to develop the academic, social, physical and creative skills necessary to reach their full potential, and become lifelong learners and happy, well adjusted members of society.

We believe it is essential to develop in our students a broad range of skills in order that they can develop responsibility for their own learning, enjoy the learning experience, develop life long learning strategies and ultimately contribute positively to society.

We endeavour to provide these learning opportunities in an environment that is caring and supportive and respectful of the rights of all. We have in place a number of pastoral care policies and initiatives to help us achieve this aim.

North Cottesloe Primary embraces 4 main values that become the soul of the school community:

Excellence - Respect - Integrity - Care

This describes our students, staff and parent body.  We take pride in who we are and welcome all who come to our school.