Bell Times

Early Learning Centre (Kindergarten and Pre-Primary)

Kindy 8:45am – 3:00pm
Pre-Primary 8:45am – 3:05pm

Primary Years (1-6)

The Year 1 – 6 school day is organised as follows:

8:40am: Students move to classrooms
8:55am: Siren for start of classes
11:05am: Start of morning recess (no siren)
11:25am: Siren for end of recess
12:55pm: Start of lunch break (no siren). Students must sit and eat lunch until at least 1:05pm
1:40pm: Siren for end of lunch break
3:10pm: Siren for end of school day

*Please note that students should not arrive at school prior to 8:30am unless for a pre-organised and supervised activity (eg basketball training). If a child arrives prior to 8:30am, they are to remain seated in the undercover area until dismissed by the duty teacher.