Upcoming Events

Year 6 Masterchef

8:00am on 21/6/24 to 3:00pm on 21/6/24

Interschool Lightning Carnival Yrs 5-6 Backup Day (TBC)

9:00am on 21/6/24 to 3:10pm on 21/6/24

Year 4 Camp - Parent Helper Meeting

2:00pm on 25/6/24 to 3:00pm on 25/6/24

Please join us for a parent helper meeting regarding the coming Year 4 Camp in Term 3, scheduled for Friday 6 September at Ern Halliday Sorrento. We will meet in Room 8.

Kindy Group 1

1:45pm on 26/6/24

NCGT Auditions on or by today

9:00am on 27/6/24 to 3:00pm on 27/6/24