Upcoming Events

National Reconciliation Week

8:00am on 27/5/23 to 3:00pm on 3/6/23

School Development Day

8:00am on 2/6/23 to 3:10pm on 2/6/23

Students do not attend

Public Holiday

8:00am on 5/6/23 to 4:00pm on 5/6/23

Room 10 to Claremont Museum

9:20am on 6/6/23 to 12:50pm on 6/6/23

Yirra Yaakin Incursion - PP to Year 6 - Undercover Area

2:00pm on 6/6/23 to 3:00pm on 6/6/23

Students will participate in a performance coinciding with Aboriginal Cultural Framework and NAIDOC activities.