Early Years [K to Yr 2]

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Welcome to Early Years Learning at North Cottesloe Primary School where we provide a positive learning environment filled with varied opportunities, ensuring optimal opportunity for our students to reach their full potential. Our team of enthusiastic early childhood educators place great importance on developing students’ enthusiasm and love of lifelong learning. By providing a supportive and inclusive environment, making learning enjoyable, and connecting it to real-life experiences, we aim for our students to ‘thrive by five’, and beyond.


At North Cottesloe Primary School our students learn through a balance of structured play, exploration, and explicit teaching. When implementing our programs, our educators are guided by the following beliefs and attitudes.

  • Children’s early learning influences their continuing educational journeys.
  • Wellbeing and a strong sense of connection, optimism, resilience, and engagement enable children to develop a growth mindset, and a positive attitude to learning.
  • All students are capable of learning successfully if motivated and given appropriate learning opportunities and necessary support.

In addition to nationally mandated curriculum documents, our K-2 students are provided with the following specialist programs and learning experiences

  • Library (K-2)
  • Art, Music, Physical Education (Pre-Primary - Year 2)


Our early childhood curriculum promotes the active engagement of all children. It presents learning opportunities that enable children to make choices and employ different approaches, especially when multiple solutions are achievable. The learning environment is thoughtfully designed to foster independence while encouraging students to take increasing responsibility for their own learning. Classrooms use Engagement Norms to encourage active participation at all times including discussion with a partner, reading text aloud, showing responses on a whiteboard or gesturing. This practise extends to the senior school which provides consistency for all students moving through to Year 3 - 6.


Health Nurse Resources 

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