Early Years [K to Yr 2]

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North Cottesloe Primary School K to 2 Philosophy Statement 2024

Welcome to Early Childhood Education at North Cottesloe Primary School!

At our school, we provide a positive, supportive and inclusive learning environment for all children. Our education programs allow students to reach their full potential, in all developmental domains. We have a team of enthusiastic and skilled Early Childhood Educators who place great importance on developing a lifelong love and appreciation of learning.

At North Cottesloe Primary School, our Early Childhood students learn through a balance of hands-on learning and explicit instruction. When developing and implementing teaching programs, our educators are guided by the following beliefs and attitudes:

  • Early learning influences a child’s future education journey.
  • Well-being, optimism, resilience and engagement enables students to develop a growth mindset and positive attitude to learning.
  • If motivated, given appropriate learning opportunities and necessary support, all children are capable of success and achievement.
  • Dedicated literacy and numeracy blocks, with whole-school programs, to promote low variance within cohorts.

Our Early Childhood Educators promote the active engagement of all children. Classrooms use common Engagement Norms, with pace and rigour, to encourage purposeful participation from all students. This practise extends to our senior school, which provides consistency for all children as they transition through the year levels.

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